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Facial Skin Care

Renewal Facial

This is the perfect maintenance facial to supplement your skin care regime or in between your advanced skin care program. The Renewal Facial is enhanced with a neck and décolleté massage while you are enjoying a refining and hydrating mask. A facial that refreshes and illuminates your skin.

Price: $85.00 – 45 minutes

Serenity Facial

A calming and nourishing facial that is customized to your specific skin care needs, which combines a deep pore cleanse and exfoliation with enzymes. Then followed by a relaxing facial massage and hydrating mask. The Serenity facial refines the skin’s texture and brings out your natural glow.

Price: $105.00 – 60 minutes

Indulgence Facial

An advanced therapeutic facial. A powerful anti-aging treatment that combines deep cleansing with Chocolate or Raspberry Enzymes to eliminate surface impurities. This treatment encourages collagen synthesis and improves the skin’s elasticity to restore vitality, while leaving your skin feeling deeply hydrated and replenished. The Indulgence Facial is uniquely designed for you to indulge into and escape.

Price: $135.00 – 75 minutes

Oxygen Facial Treatment

The Oxygen Hydra Revival Facial is a unique combination of concentrated oxygen and multi-vitamins which revitalizes your skin immediately. This treatment stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen and increase the skins functions by stimulating new cell growth. The Oxygen Hydra Revival facial includes an enzyme exfoliation which will regenerate and renew your skin leaving it luminous and feeling firm instantly.

Price: $150.00 – 45 minutes

Swich Treatment

A breakthrough Dermal Rejuvenation treatment, leaves the skin luminous, healthier, clearer, and firmer with balanced skin tone. Cellular turnover can increase up to 25%. With the revoluntionary "Swich" Dermal Rejuvenation. Professional treatment every four weeks, your skin cells will be gently and safetly stimulated to produce fresh, firm, healthy glowing skin - the kind you once had and would like to achieve again. Repair... Rebuild... Protect... with "SWICH" it is now possible to trigger this repair system without injury to the skin.

Price: $175.00 – 60 minutes

Anti-Age Microdermabrasion Treatment

Reduce fine lines, acne scars and unwanted pigmentation with our combination skincare therapy system that includes three procedures in one treatment. Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion, the industry standard for medical-grade skin resurfacing. Growth Peptide Infusion treatments to stimulate the body's own cellular repair system to produce new skin cells, collagen and elastin, while reducing the signs of aging caused by sun-damaged skin. Red/Yellow/Blue Light LED therapy stimulates cell reproduction as it calms and cleanses the skin.

Price: $135.00 - 90 minutes
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