Medi Spa

In our soothing setting, Spa Tranquila now offers a menu of advanced medispa procedures including laser hair removal; a convenient and permanent alternative to waxing and shaving. Offering very advanced skin rejuvenating facial services to reduce lines, wrinkles and improve tone and texture. All medispa services require no downtime and are performed by certified technicians.

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Laser hair removal is an effective, safe method of removing unwanted hair and can be used to treat most areas of the face and body. At Spa Tranquila we use a revolutionary system for the removal of unwanted hair.

The LightSheer Duet is one of the most advanced systems in the market. It is a quick and pain free way to reduce unwanted hair from your legs, back, face, bikini and other areas of your body where unwanted hair is a problem. Our technicians are very well qualified, being physician certified in Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.

Body Area(s) - Women

Body Area(s) Price (per treatment)
Underarms $80.00
Forearm $120.00
Full Arm $240.00
Lower Leg $195.00
Full Leg $395.00
Bikini $130.00
Extended Bikini $150.00
Brazilian $200.00
Tummy $75.00

Facial Area(s) - Women

Facial Area(s) Price (per treatment)
Upper Lip $60.00
Chin $75.00
Chin & Upper Lip $120.00
Cheeks $100.00
Front of Neck $85.00
Full Face $175.00

Body Area(s) - Men

Body Area(s) Price (per treatment)
Half Back $200.00
Full Back $350.00
Full Back & Shoulders $395.00
Shoulders $175.00
Chest $275.00
Chest & Abdomen $325.00
Hands & Feet $75.00